Celebrities, style, giveaways: Madberries.com Blog

For a short, extremely fun period of time, I was a celebrity style blogger for a site run by Bauer Publishing called Madberries.com. Now defunct, this blog was to serve as a promotional tool for Life & Style magazine and featured daily giveaways of some trendy, “star-worthy” prizes. The idea was to combine the giveaways with brief blog entries written in the voice of your in-the-know best friend. Think a stripped-down, less-snarky version of the inimitable Go Fug Yourself blog/site, with killer prizes like clothes and jewelry, makeup, fragrance, accessories and more. And it was completely free to participate. Needless to say, Madberries quickly had a die-hard fan base and dedicated commenters.

It was my job to write the blogs, featuring the giveaway of the day couched in a celeb-style blurb and corresponding red-carpet or paparazzi pic. Daily, I sorted through tons of celebrity photos to find just the right one to accompany my blog entry.

So: celebrities, style tips, and great giveaways every day. Bliss! But Bauer pulled the plug and rolled the giveaways into a much simpler format. Unfortunately, the removal of the site was swift and complete . . .and before I could get a few screen grabs. (sigh)

If you’d like to get an idea about the fleeting fancy that was the oddly named Madberries.com, take a look at these downloadable Word docs which served as my rough drafts.

Madberries blog samples

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