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Advertising Age loves me, natch.

Back when I was at Modern Bride, I was given whole slew of titles and tasks as my job and responsibilities grew. As marketing services manager (later, “sales development manager.” Oh, titles are so whimsical, no?) I worked on numerous … Continue reading

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Home Organization: Smart products to help get you organized for iVillage

This handy product round-up required some time spent rounding up press releases and “window shopping” at various online stores. The result is a list of some great products I found to help get things in order all around the home. … Continue reading

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A one-woman editorial show: Beauty Handbook (Look Good Feel Good/Reinventing Beauty)

For 8 years, I was the editor-in-chief of a national women’s magazine sold through the national chain drugstores, such as CVS, Walgreens and Duane Reade. For a few of those years, there was also a teen/tween version, which ceased publication … Continue reading

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Contemporary Wallpaper Design Trends article for HGTV

Oh, wallpaper. I don’t care what the fickle trendspotters say about you, I will always love you. So, when one of my editors from HGTV (Hi, Chelsey!) gave me this assignment, I was thrilled. I quickly got all wrapped up … Continue reading

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Essay: In honor of Dad (and Rickles) on Father’s Day

Panic Kazoo When you were little, did you ever get lost? That total panic I-can’t-find-my-parent-or-guardian and I-don’t-really-want-to-live-at-great-adventure-like-I-said-earlier-I’m-just-a-kid-and-we-say-dumb-sh*t-like-that-all-the-time-so-seriously-where-are-you lost. Like, one second you’re following behind the khaki-ed leg of your dad at the hardware store, running your fingers through the boxes … Continue reading

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Craft Queen: Pattie “PattieWack” Donham profile for Lifetime

There’s nothing better for an interviewer (me!) than to profile someone who is so contagiously enthusiastic about what she or he does. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with really generous, down-to-earth experts who enjoy the process as much … Continue reading

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Ode to Oprah (vintage personal blog post)

Oprah, Oprah, Oprah. What can I say? After 25 years and all that stuff and all those things. How can I ever put this into words? Oh, I know: See ya. (The following is a blog I wrote after having … Continue reading

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