Advertising Age loves me, natch.

Back when I was at Modern Bride, I was given whole slew of titles and tasks as my job and responsibilities grew.

As marketing services manager (later, “sales development manager.” Oh, titles are so whimsical, no?) I worked on numerous promotional pieces and kits and giveaways—anything smart, funny, cute or clever with which to woo advertisers for each issue.

One of our most challenging and intricate promos was the series of adorable magnetic dress-up dolls, each themed to correspond with the upcoming issue. Every doll set was nestled in a box filled with colorful crinkle paper shreds and a witty sales pitch to tie it all together. They were an instant hit (we had to hide the stash of them because they’d keep “disappearing” on us) and adorably addictive to play with. We got great feedback, advertisers were enchanted.

Three cheers to the wonderfully detail-oriented promo coordinator Lacey Rzeszowski, the crazy-talented art director Claudio Braz, and very humble me for getting it together, concept to completion.

Here’s a little blurb in Ad Age telling everyone just how special we were. Ooops! I mean, the promotion was, of course.

. . . Modern Bride is promoting themed issues by sending 2,000 ad execs dress-me-up magnetic brides. Each features a bride in skivvies with an assortment of costumes. Melissa Macron, mktg. svcs. mgr.; Lacey Rzeszowski, promo coordinator; and Claudio Braz, creative director, conceived the collectible promo.

Ad Age article

Pics of the super-cute promo and genius copy (a-hem) to come soon.

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