Beauty for Every Budget article for Modern Bride

I love love love writing beauty stuff of all kinds, but bridal beauty is certainly in a class by itself. So much preparation leading up to the Big Day—these girls aren’t messing around!

This great guide was created to provide the best pre-wedding beauty advice for three different budgets. From money’s-no-object ($15,000+) to do-it-yourself (under $500), this feature had it covered.

Plus, best-in-the-biz experts like hairstylist Lauren Lavelle, NYC dermatologist Neil Schultz and the newest Real Housewife of New York, Completely Bare’s Cindy Barshop, made gathering great advice a breeze.

(Insider info: The experts shown in the article aren’t models—they really are the pros from the salons, spas, gyms and practices quoted in the piece!)

Enjoy all six pages of this beauty-filled feature.

 What Price Beauty?

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